explore academic lineage in Song Dynasty with Knowlege Graph


China Biographical Database Project (CBDB) is funded by Harvard University. It is composed of biographical data of up to 370 thousands Chinese historical figures from the Tang to the Qing Dynasties (the 7th to 19th Centuries). We demonstrate the potentials of knowledge graph by semantically reconstructing a portion of CBDB to build an ontology of a network of academic genealogies and family branches of the Song Dynasty. With up to 700,000 imported RDF triples being searched and browsed with the relFinder (an open Google source code), the knowledge graph gives dynamic presentation of the relationships among any queried objects.


  • Click the visualization graph to learn the ontology structure and data details.
  • Run relFinder to find the academic or family relationships among any number of peoples, and how people and places are interweaved and influenced by each other.


The system was designed and implemented by the KVision Research Group of Peking University. Mr. Hongsu Wang from of the China Biographical Databse Project(CBDB),and Dr.Yuansong Tang and Dr. Bin Hu from the Department of History of Peking University are acknowledged for their advices and help.


Design & Develop:Haici Yang     Ontology Design:Yue Peng
Server Configuration:Runwen Chen     Instructor:Jun wang

Copyright & Disclaimer: All data in the program is extracted from CBDB. The RelFinder source code is reused under the GNU General Public License. All the materials captured from this website should be referenced to : http://dh.kvlab.org/cbdb_kg.


Exploring the Structure of Knowledge Graph

Display the ontology schema and data relations to users through visualization

Relationships Finder

Integrate the Relfinder,support relation finding and exploration between entities for user.